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À la carte

Piste à la carte menu is available daily from 5 PM onwards. We recommend booking a table to ensure a delicious experience.



Parmesan Escargots • G*
Parmesan gratinated escargots with garlic and pesto. Served with roasted bread. 
13 €
Burrata • G*
Burrata cheese, basil, lemon, roasted bread, and pistachios. 
17,90 €
Korean Fried Cauliflower Wings • V
Cauliflower wings in Gochujang paste, lovage aioli, sweet soy sauce, chili, and sesame seeds.
14,90 €
Salmon Soup • L, G*
Traditional soup with salmon and cold smoked salmon, Jykerö 100 % rye bread, and butter.
small • 9,90 €
large • 17,50 €
Grand Antipasto • G*
Selection of cold cuts, ‘nduja paste, burrata cheese, basil, lemon, pesto, and bread. 
Recommended for two.
29 €
Bread Basket
Selection of breads and spreads.
3 €


Tennessee Hot Chicken
Cornflake chicken breast, buffalo sauce, dill pickles, corn on the cob, and  jalapeno mac ‘n cheese.
23,90 €
Roasted Eggplant and Pistou • L, G, V*
Roasted eggplant, roasted garlic purée, oven baked tomatoes, and rice. 
20,90 €
Beets and Blue Cheese Salad • L, G, V*
Roasted beetroot, Kappelin Juustola blue cheese, pickled vegetables, beetroot hummus, and raspberry balsamic vinaigrette.
19,90 €
Tataki Salmon Bowl • L, G, V*
Marinated salmon, edamame, dill pickles, marinated mushrooms, miso egg, fried noodles, and rice. 
19,90 €
Blackened Beef • G
Cajun seasoned Finnish beef sirloin (250 g) with seasoned butter, corn on the cob, and rosemary fried potatoes.
39,90 €
Premium Burger • G*
Finnish beef patty in brioche bun, cheddar cheese, sriracha mayonnaise, jalapeno ketchup, sweet mustard, beer marinated onions, curly fries, and chipotle mayonnaise. 
Extra patty + 5,90 €
+ 3 €
20,90 €
Oumph Vegan Burger • V, G*
Oumph vegan patty in a vegan bun, Violife vegan cheddar cheese, vegan sriracha mayonnaise, jalapeno ketchup, sweet mustard, beer marinated onions, pickles, curly fries, and chipotle mayonnaise.
Extra patty + 5,90 €
20,90 €


Pisteen Ritarit • L
Sweet buns fried in cinnamon milk. Served with blueberry jam and vanilla ice cream.
12,90 €
Baked Apple Crumble • L, G
Oven baked apple purée, vanilla and white chocolate mousse, and oat crumble.  
10,90 €

Allergen information

L • Lactose-free
G • Gluten-free
V • Vegan
G* • Available as gluten-free
V* • Available as vegan

Please ask our staff for further information.